6 Things You Need To Know About The 900bhp McLaren P1

McLaren has revealed juicy new information about its forthcoming hypercar, the McLaren P1

1. Power

The P1's 3.8-litre V8 engine - a heavily tuned version of the MP4-12C's - produces 727bhp, while an electric motor adds a further 176bhp. Combined, the Macca P1's motors dish out a total of 903bhp and 664lb ft of torque - for context, these figures equate to around 2.5 Lotus Exige S engines.

Despite its ridiculous power, however, CO2 emissions are said by McLaren to undercut 200g/km. Impressive.

2. E-Mode

The McLaren P1 can run on electric power only for a maximum of 6 miles. This is especially useful for city journeys, in low-emissions areas, or if you fancy cruising the streets in near silence. Once the battery is out of juice, the P1's V8 kicks in automatically and recharges the battery. Alternatively, you can plug the P1 into a socket; a full battery charge takes just two hours.

3. F1-Inspired DRS

Like a Formula 1 car, the P1 features a Drag Reduction System (DRS). At the touch of a button, the hypercar's rear wing reduces in angle and cuts drag by a notable 23 per cent - this gives the P1 a burst of extra speed when driven flat out.

4. P1 Interior

Inspired by a 'cockpit fighter jet' the P1's minimalist interior features plenty of carbonfibre, slender carbon-bodied seats (which weigh 10.5kg a piece), a digital instrument cluster, climate control and sat-nav. There's also a premium sound system included, not that you'll be able to hear much - the P1's cabin features no sound deadening and carpets come as an option.

5. Underneath

This image of the P1's underneath reveals a flat carbonfibre belly, which ensures the hypercar's kerbweight is kept to a minimum, while substantially reducing the P1's wind drag. At the rear, gargantuan diffusers enhance the car's aero. Look awesome, too.

6. A True Pin-Up Car

This is the effect that the McLaren P1 has on kids. 'Nuff said.


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