41% Of Us Think That BMW Drivers Are The Biggest Jerks

Our poll reveals that BMW drivers are the least liked on our roads, while Mitsubishi drivers are the most liked

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Last week, we asked you for your opinion. The question we put to you was: 'Which cars have the highest ratio of jerks behind the wheel?' The poll we included in the article was inspired by the news that “BMW drivers were the worst” at stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks, according to research carried out by Paul K. Piff of the University of California, Berkeley.

You voted in your thousands (currently 7440 and counting) and the results are conclusive - BMW drivers are the most disliked drivers on our roads, having taken the poll by storm with a massive 41 per cent (over 3000 people) of your votes.


Interestingly, Audi drivers aren't as hated as the internet and Clarkson would have us believe, having only received 13 per cent (972 people) of the votes.

This image represents nine of 19 manufacturers you voted on Image represents 9 of 19 manufacturers. These manufacturers were chosen based on popularity & affordability.

Honda and Mercedes drivers received 10 per cent (723 votes) and six per cent (476 votes) of your votes as biggest jerks, while Toyota and Ford received four per cent of your votes. Volkswagen (239), Porsche (231) and Chevrolet (205) fill the three per cent category.

With just one per cent of the votes as biggest jerks were Volvo, Nissan, Peugeot, Jeep and Mazda, but the biggest victory was claimed by Mitsubishi...

Mitsubishi drivers are among the most liked on our roads Mitsubishi drivers are among the most liked on our roads

Of the 7440 people who voted, a meagre 37 of you (zero per cent) thought that Mitsubishi drivers were jerks.

So there you have it. BMW drivers are still thought of as jerks (by a long shot), while Mitsu drivers are among the most respected.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


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