Forget The $100,000 Mitsubishi Evo: Here's A Much Cheaper One That We'd Rather Have Anyway

We still can't get over the insane price tag attached to a brand new Evo IX in California right now, but rather than worry too much, we've found an earlier car that's much, much better value

This V8-Engined Mitsubishi Delica Is Strangely Hard To Resist

In a tall, relatively narrow people carrier, the obvious thing to do is stick an American V8 in it. Well, it isn't, actually, but someone has gone and done it anyway

Mitsubishi Has Been Rigging Emissions Tests Since 1991

In the latest development of the emissions scandal that's hit Mitsubishi, the manufacturer has admitted it's been rigging tests for 25 years

It's Official: Mitsubishi Has Been Rigging Fuel Economy Tests

In the latest emissions scandal to rock the motoring world, Mitsubishi has admitted 'misconduct' in economy testing, wiping $1.2 billion off the company's shares

12 Mind-Blowing Cars That Prove The 90s Were JDM’s Golden Era

The 1990s was a great time for cars, with the last of the truly mechanical performance vehicles rolling off the production line before the electric revolution began. It also happened to be the time when Japan was really into making enthusiast cars...

Watch The Glorious Moment This Mitsubishi Gets Rescued From Its Icy Tomb

This Mitsubishi Lancer was left by Lake Eerie, New York, after its owner decided not to drive home after having drinks with friends. On returning, he found that his car had been entombed in ice. Now though, it's free to hoon another day!

Travel Back To The 80s With A Period Review of The Mitsubishi Starion

The guys at MotorWeek have posted another 'Retro Review', this time featuring a 1983 Mitsubishi Starion

Mitsubishi Evo Vs Subaru Impreza: Which Wins Your Heart?

A little like choosing between your clutch leg or your accelerator leg, I want to know which of these rally-bred heroes you'll vote for as the one that wins your heart. The results will be very interesting to see...

The Mayor Of London Just Reviewed A Mitsubishi Outlander And It's Amazing

With quotes like "it whines like a self-satisfied cat" and "it's silky smooth like a baby's behind," Boris Johnson (everyone's favourite posh buffoon and Mayor of London) shows that a career in motoring journalism could be just around the corner

Stupid Evo Driver Acts Like A Tool, Gets Owned By Karma

When a biker pulls away at the lights, a tool in an Evo dangerously cuts the guy up. That's when karma steps in to teach this moron a lesson...

Balls Of Adamantium Were Needed To Drive This Pajero Up Here

The driver of the Mitsubishi Pajero keeps his cool as the 4x4 is tossed from side to side when nearing the summit. Balls of Adamantium and a lot of skill were definitely needed!

Warning: This Video Will Make You Seriously Lust After The Quirky Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO

The rear-wheel drive Galant GTO isn't a car I was particularly aware of before today, but after seeing this gorgeous example showcased by Petrolocious, it's a motor that's now firmly on my radar...

10 Car Logos That You Probably Never Knew The Meaning Of

You know which logo belongs to any given car, but do you know the meaning behind these logos and why they're designed a certain way? Let's take a look...