First UK Mitsubishi Evo VI TME Sells For Predictably Huge Figure

Chassis number 001 came up for auction over the weekend, and sold for £146,250

Mitsubishi Shareholders Asked For The Lancer Evo To Return, But It's Not Happening (Yet)

During Mitsubishi's shareholder AGM, company president Takao Kato said there were no plans for a new Lancer Evolution

Why You Should Want A Mitsubishi Delica

Need a spacious family workhorse? The Delica ticks those boxes and then some. I bought the cheapest out there - how bad can it be?

This Is How The Group B Mitsubishi Starion 4WD Rally Car Could Have Looked

Newly unearthed artwork shows Mitsubishi’s Audi Quattro and Ford RS200 rival in monochrome splendour

What's Left Of Mitsubishi UK Will Be Taken Over By Subaru's British Importer

From arch-rivals to friends: Mitsubishi and Subaru will be taken care of by the same company in the UK soon

This Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R Special Is Like A Mini Evo

As Mitsubishi plans to revive Ralliart, we've picked one of the sub-brand's lesser-known projects out of the classifieds

Mitsubishi Is Bringing Ralliart Back From The Dead

Having scaled it back to pretty much nothing over 10 years ago, Mitsubishi has decided to revive its performance sub-brand

Mitsubishi UK's Evo VI TME Sells For £100k, IX FQ-360 MR Hits Nearly £70k

Mitsubishi UK's entire heritage fleet has been sold off, with several hitting big numbers

Mitsubishi: The Tech Pioneer That Stopped Caring

With Mitsubishi's ignoble exit from the UK back in the news this week via the sale of its British heritage fleet, it’s a good time to look at how it went so wrong

Mitsubishi UK Is Selling Its Entire Heritage Fleet

As Mitsubishi prepares to exit the British market, the UK-based heritage fleet has been put up for auction

The Canoo Pickup Truck Is Like A Futuristic Electric Mitsubishi Delica

It may officially be a pickup, but loaded up with 'lifestyle' stuff, it has strong fourth-gen Mitsubishi Delica vibes

That Time Mazda Built A Twin-Turbo V6 626 To Rival The Mitsubishi Evo

In the 1990s Mazda watched a golden era of WRC with envious eyes, seeing the sales it was generating for Mitsubishi and Subaru. So it began plotting to gatecrash the party…

Mitsubishi Van Becomes Safety Organisation's First 0-Star Vehicle

The Mitsubishi Express has the dubious honour of being ANCAP's first-ever zero-star vehicle

Mitsubishi Set To Leave Europe As New Model "Freeze" Confirmed

Mitsubishi has confirmed it won't bring any new-generation models to Europe, signalling the start of a withdrawal from the continent

The Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept Has Four Motors And A Gas Turbine

Mitsubishi has pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this super-cool, open-sided SUV concept that can run on diesel, kerosene or even alcohol