Mitsubishi Has Sunk To Making A Rebadged Renault Crossover

The upcoming version of the Mitsubishi ASX will be a carbon-copy of the Renault Captur, aside from a badge change

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One of six Eclipses to take part in the filming of The Fast and the Furious will go under the hammer in January

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First UK Mitsubishi Evo VI TME Sells For Predictably Huge Figure

Chassis number 001 came up for auction over the weekend, and sold for £146,250

Mitsubishi Shareholders Asked For The Lancer Evo To Return, But It's Not Happening (Yet)

During Mitsubishi's shareholder AGM, company president Takao Kato said there were no plans for a new Lancer Evolution

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From arch-rivals to friends: Mitsubishi and Subaru will be taken care of by the same company in the UK soon

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Mitsubishi Is Bringing Ralliart Back From The Dead

Having scaled it back to pretty much nothing over 10 years ago, Mitsubishi has decided to revive its performance sub-brand