The Mitsubishi Lancer Is Set To Be Reinvented As A Crossover

It looks like the SUV-themed overhaul of Mitsubishi's line-up is set to continue, with the Lancer name used for a medium-sized crossover

This Mitsubishi Galant Is An Ultra-Rare, AMG-Tuned, 8000rpm JDM Hero

These days AMG is owned by Mercedes-Benz, but several decades ago it was independent and could work with whoever it wanted. This Mitsubishi Galant is the AMG that flies beneath almost every radar

The Mitsubishi 3000GT Is The Bargain Supra Alternative You Can't Ignore

With a new Toyota Supra finally on the horizon, values of twin-turbo versions from 20 years ago are going through the roof, but there's another Japanese coupe from that era; a flagship twin-turbo tech-fest that offers far better value for money

The Zero-Owner Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Just Sold For Nearly $138,000

With just nine miles on the clock and no registered owners, having never actually been sold, this Evo IX attracted an astonishing and completely unexpected bidding war

Forget The $100,000 Mitsubishi Evo: Here's A Much Cheaper One That We'd Rather Have Anyway

We still can't get over the insane price tag attached to a brand new Evo IX in California right now, but rather than worry too much, we've found an earlier car that's much, much better value

This V8-Engined Mitsubishi Delica Is Strangely Hard To Resist

In a tall, relatively narrow people carrier, the obvious thing to do is stick an American V8 in it. Well, it isn't, actually, but someone has gone and done it anyway

Mitsubishi Has Been Rigging Emissions Tests Since 1991

In the latest development of the emissions scandal that's hit Mitsubishi, the manufacturer has admitted it's been rigging tests for 25 years

It's Official: Mitsubishi Has Been Rigging Fuel Economy Tests

In the latest emissions scandal to rock the motoring world, Mitsubishi has admitted 'misconduct' in economy testing, wiping $1.2 billion off the company's shares

12 Mind-Blowing Cars That Prove The 90s Were JDM’s Golden Era

The 1990s was a great time for cars, with the last of the truly mechanical performance vehicles rolling off the production line before the electric revolution began. It also happened to be the time when Japan was really into making enthusiast cars...

Watch The Glorious Moment This Mitsubishi Gets Rescued From Its Icy Tomb

This Mitsubishi Lancer was left by Lake Eerie, New York, after its owner decided not to drive home after having drinks with friends. On returning, he found that his car had been entombed in ice. Now though, it's free to hoon another day!