Chaotic Citroen Race Sees Most Of The Field Crash On One Corner

11 cars slid off at the same corner when a downpour hit this Citroen DS3 Cup race in Denmark

This Citroen EV Is The ‘Object’ You Can Drive Without A Licence

Citroen has designed a pod-like concept that could replace both bicycles and buses in urban centres, and you don’t need any qualifications to use it

That Time Citroen Tried To Buy Back And Destroy All Its Group B Specials

After failing in WRC with the disastrous BX 4TC, Citroen wanted to rid itself of the aftersales burden of the road-going version...

Citroen Is Returning To The Oddball Big Saloon Game

We love the old Citroen C6, and even the C5 was brilliant in its own way, and after a long break Citroen is getting back in the game

This Could Be Britain's Luckiest Citroen Saxo Driver

'Lucky' isn't something we normally call most Saxo drivers, but after getting a corner all kinds of wrong, this one ends up wildly launching the car onto two wheels before pure luck saves them from turning upside down

The DS E-Tense Is A Stunning Electric Sports Car

Citroen recently spun its DS brand off to become its own distinct entity, and at the Geneva motor show we'll get to see what this new manufacturer would do if it decided to build a sports car

This Drifting LaFerrari Nearly Smashed Into A Citroen

The driver of this black Ferrari Laferrari goes round a corner, hangs the tail out, then ends up inches from a C3 Citroen Picasso going in the other direction

Rolling Your Car On The First Corner Is The Mother Of All Rally Fails

Kris Meeke was taking the first corner of a WRC stage during Rally Poland shakedown when his Citroën DS3 was tipped into a surprise barrel-roll after only seven seconds! Awkward...

Watching Sebastien Loeb Lap The Nordschleife Proves He Must Be Super Human

Ahead of the next round of the WTCC, Loeb manhandles his Citroen C-Elysee race car around a buttock-clenchingly fast lap of The Green Hell

This Rally Driver Drifts His Way Through A Stage Better Than Ken Block

Rally driver Kris Meeke expertly pilots his Citroen DS3 WRC down a snowy rally stage. To us viewers, the insane drift angles he hits makes it look as though he's going to wipe out on every corner...

Parking Fails Don't Get More Painful To Watch Than This

When this lady attempts to ease her VW Polo into a wide space, she hits her neighbour's car, then crawls out of the passenger-side door. What she does next is the cherry on the cake!

This Rally Driver's Massive Balls And Cool Head Saved His Car From A Deadly Barrel Roll

This is the moment that rally driver Sébastien Chardonnet saved what looks like an impending barrel roll during a stage at the end of July. This brings the phrase 'keeping a cool head' to new levels!

Citroen Saxo VTS: B-Road Weapon And Track Beater For The Price Of A Laptop

Inspired by some frantic Saxo racing we've seen today, we picked out a hot VTS version of the little hatchback from the classifieds

The Citroen Centipede Is A 10-Wheeled Tyre Testing Monster

Back in the '70s, Michelin created this monstrous Citroen DS to safely test its truck tyres

Who Knew A Citroen Xantia Could Corner At Such Breakneck Speeds?

This Citroen driver takes a corner at a ridiculous pace, putting fellow trackday goers in faster machinery to shame