Now You Can Build A Desert Racing Spec Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

After two years of hardcore strength-testing in desert racing competition, Chevrolet and Hall Racing have jointly released a suite of mighty upgrades for the ZR2

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison Is A Beefed-Up Off-Road Menace

A new collaboration between Chevrolet and American Expedition Vehicles has produced this, a Colorado ZR2 truck with a little added beef

Turn Up The Freedom With A Tuned, Car-Crushing Pickup You Can Win

With 1400lb ft to play with, lifted suspension and 46-inch tyres, this unofficial Raptor is the F-350 Super Duty your testosterone glands need right now

Watch Two Trucks Trade Bow Waves In Deep Flood Water

After unprecedented rainfall at the town of Broome, northern Western Australia, two trucks attempting to cross a huge lake of flood water trade bow waves

Ford Accused Of Emissions Cheating Over Diesel Super Duty Trucks

Ford has become the fifth car maker to attract a law suit in the USA over accusations that its diesel-fuelled Super Duty trucks flout emissions regulations

WTF Is Rolling Coal?

Also known as 'Prius repellent', rolling coal has become a craze in the diesel truck community. Here's how it works

Watching The Ford F-150 Raptor Bossing The Desert Will Give You Serious Pickup Lust

The F-150 Raptor may dropped the old 6.2-litre V8 for a 3.5-litre turbo V6, but it still looks like hilarious fun off road

A Dodge Dakota Bump Starting A Volvo Truck Is Nothing Short Of Damn Impressive

With a busted starter motor, this truck is going nowhere fast. That's until a 5.2-litre, manual V8 Dodge Dakota shows up with a tow rope and mad pulling power to awaken this Volvo beast. That's damn impressive!

This Dodge Durango Bounces Itself To Death In One Hilarious Lap

One lap is all it takes for this Dodge Durango to bounce itself into an early grave. The lap itself is hilarious to watch, however!

Watch A Chevy Cheyenne Truck Pull A 187-Tonne Log Train Like A Boss

This vintage commercial from yesteryear brilliantly demonstrates the strength of the Chevy Cheyenne by getting the truck to pull a 187-tonne log train. Don't pretend like you're not impressed!

Watch This Stock GMC Sierra Truck Go Full GTA Mode On A Mountain

The driver of this GMC Sierra risks his life by blasting up the side of a mountain without safety gear. Prepare to clench your butts while watching this!

This Two-Wheel Truck Stunt Is The Maddest Thing You've Seen This Week

During the gap between races at the Italian round of the 2014 FIA ‚Äč‚ÄčTruck Championship, a stunt show featured this brilliantly mad two-wheel truck trick...

8 Pickup Trucks For On-Road Use Only

For decades, manufacturers avoided performance pickup trucks like Volkswagen avoids calls from the Environmental Protection Agency. But there have been a few trucks built for paved corners instead of rocky trails

6 Modding Mistakes Owners Make On Their Daily-Driven Pickup Trucks

There are plenty of great reasons to have a pickup truck as a daily driver, and there are many ways to make it better. Just don't do any of these unless you want to ruin it...

Watch What Happens When A Four-Year-Old Girl Takes Control Of Over 20 Tonnes Of Truck

When the controls of the new Volvo FMX are handed over to a 4-year-old girl, things get very interesting...very quickly.

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