This Guy's 'Redneck' Tyre Mounting Attempt Literally Blew Up In His Face

It's possible to re-mount a tyre using explosive force, but as demonstrated by this attempt, it's not without its dangers...

Is This The Funniest Car Video On YouTube?

Wasting time on Reddit, I found an old video that I believe to be the funniest (for cars) on YouTube. Do you agree?

Watch An 'Angry Grandpa' Jump An Old Audi Into 12,000 Litres Of Coke For Some Reason

Perhaps sick of all the youngsters achieving viral fame, this older gentleman took it upon himself to crash land an old Audi into a pool filled with 12,000 litres of Coca-Cola...

Three Men Use A Rock, Screwdriver And Axe To Break A BMW Window, But Fail

What looks like a classic case of keys-locked-inside-car, three men attempt to break a BMW's rear door window to gain access. But try as they might, the glass refuses to give in!

This Soap Opera's Endless Crash Scene Is The Most Ridiculous Ever

UK soap Emmerdale put together what's probably the most ridiculous crash scene ever broadcast, playing fast and loose with the laws of physics, the effectiveness of modern brakes, typical driver reaction times...

Here's What It Looks Like If You Set Off A Crap-Load Of Fireworks In A Van

With the van belonging to brilliantly bonkers YouTuber Colin Furze due to go to the scrapyard, he thought he'd give it a fitting send-off - by blowing it to hell with a load of fireworks!

This Guy's Floodwater Wading Commentary Is Too Damn Funny

The passenger of this Volvo clearly doesn't know a whole lot about cars, but his enthusiastic, chatterbox nature makes this video hilarious to watch!

This Road Rage Video Is Worth Watching For The Hilarious Commentary Alone

While watching a pickup truck driver shunt a car out of the way in a bout of road rage, this guy got very, very excited...

Here's What It Looks Like If You Crush A Coil Spring With A Hydraulic Press

The madmen behind the Hydraulic Press Channel have gotten their hands on a car part again, this time a coil spring...

Here's How To Combat Rogue Cyclists In The Most British Way Possible

We've all seen it before: a cyclist illegally racing straight across a pedestrian crossing while people are walking across. Helmet-cam footage taken in London shows one man doing his awkward British best to get in the way

Jeremy Clarkson Appears In New Amazon Advert

In the lead up to the release of The Grand Tour, Amazon is getting its money's worth with Mr Clarkson by sticking the presenter in another amusing Fire TV Stick advert...

9 Reasons We Hope Apple Doesn't Buy McLaren

With rumours of an Apple buyout for McLaren quickly denied by the latter company, here are a few 'innovations' that we're hoping we'll be spared from...

The Best Memes And Photoshops From The Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix wasn’t the most thrilling F1 race weekend but several events – including a lizard track invasion and a marshal running from the fast-approaching pack – proved to be the perfect opportunity for memes and photoshops

There's A Company Out There That'll Make You A Working Transformer

A Turkish technology company has brought the Autobots to life using BMWs

'Ozzy Man' Commentating On Barbie Jeep Racing Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

How do you make Barbie Jeep Racing even more hilarious? Get YouTuber 'Ozzy Man' to provide his typically sweary commentary, of course...