Can Two People Drift One Car At The Same Time?

To answer a question we doubt anyone's ever asked, Autocar decided to find out if two people drift one car, with Matt Prior taking control of the throttle and pro driver Mauro Calo in charge of everything else

If You Could Use A Porsche 911 As A Giant Controller For Doom, It'd Look Like This

This video purporting to show a 911 hacked to run Doom is - of course - an elaborate joke, but props to the guy for making it look convincing!

12 Car Acronyms Given Alternative Meanings

We've all come up with our own meanings behind well-known car acronyms, haven't we? In the interests of lightening the mood, we asked you to come up with your own hilarious explanations - here are the results!

If Your Suspension's This Broken, Pull The Hell Over

You don't need to be an expert in vehicle mechanics to know there's something catastrophically wrong with this Lincoln Navigator's suspension

Watch A Small Army Of Shouty Men Haul A Stricken Chevrolet Back On The Road

Around 20 men are seen hauling a Chevrolet Cruze up a steep ditch in this impressive and oddly satisfying video

This Cars Rip-Off Will Make You Question Everything

'Spid The Racing Car' is quite clearly a rip-off of Pixar's Cars franchise, and it's made by someone with questionable knowledge about motors...

This Guy Was So Excited About A Nissan GT-R, He Fell Off His Bike

Amusing dashcam footage shows the moment an excited young petrolhead spotted a GT-R, and fell off his bike as he let his enthusiasm get the better of him

These R/C Car Vs Audi R8 Drag Races Are Closer Than You Might Expect

Believe it or not, this 1/6 scale Audi R8 LMS will do 0-60mph in around the same time as the full-size road-going R8, making for some close short-distance drag races...

Get Into The Festive Spirit With Ford's Brilliantly Mad 'Snowkhana 5'

Ford's fifth 'Snowkhana' video is here, and it's the usual blend of weirdness and pop culture references

Watch A Brake Disc Get Tested To Explosive Destruction

The gloriously mad people from the 'Behind the press' YouTube channel decided to destroy a Ford Fiesta's brake disc "in the name of science". The results are pretty damn dramatic!

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These guys bought an Aerostar minivan for just $300, and found that it was surprisingly good fun to hoon...

This Guy's 'Redneck' Tyre Mounting Attempt Literally Blew Up In His Face

It's possible to re-mount a tyre using explosive force, but as demonstrated by this attempt, it's not without its dangers...

Is This The Funniest Car Video On YouTube?

Wasting time on Reddit, I found an old video that I believe to be the funniest (for cars) on YouTube. Do you agree?

Watch An 'Angry Grandpa' Jump An Old Audi Into 12,000 Litres Of Coke For Some Reason

Perhaps sick of all the youngsters achieving viral fame, this older gentleman took it upon himself to crash land an old Audi into a pool filled with 12,000 litres of Coca-Cola...