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The story of my 2 cars

The story of my 2 cars - General

So at the request of a fellow CTzen, I shall tell the tales of my 2 cars, Marilyn the E36 & Sayuki the FC3S.

First off, Marilyn. The reason I got into modified car culture. When I was… 14…ish… My family got this piece of sxxt E36 off a family friend, the couldn’t sell it, no matter how hard they tried, missing bumper, mismatched panels, old tyres, fan clutch had blown up, cooling system full of holes, smashing through power steering fluid…

Anyways, I started looking into restoring it, liked cars but knew nothing about how stuff did things. Was into Supercars, e.t.c, but never cared for tuner cars, because at the time “Tuner” was a bi-word for “NA Auto Supra or Commodore with holes drilled in the muffler.” But the more I looked into I saw these were incredibly popular with proper tuners, drifters, e.t.c. And mine ticked many boxes. LSD, 6cyl, Manual… So it’s pretty good now. Nothing is broken. Some residual leaks, nothing dripping, VANOS still functions, and it does mad skids. It is an all round brilliant car, capable of driving 2.5 hours across miles of Australian nothingness in docile elegance to my nearest track, hanging sideways all day, sleeping peacefully in the passenger seat & driving all the way home again.

Alpina style eBay splitter w/ supports
MARS Performance 18x8.5s all round
45mm OEM radiator (off an E34 I think)
JOM Strut Brace
VMAX S-Type slotted rotors front only
Brembo Ceramic pads for stock calipers front only
MSR Coilovers
Angel eyes
Novus exhaust should arrive soon.
Walbro 255lph fuel pump

Next plan, is a turbo. Will run 5psi, eBay thick wall manifold with T3 to T28 adaptor, T28 off a Silvia with 5 psi wastegate actuator, will be on stock ECU & tune (it works, don’t bother commenting, google is your friend) with just a 1.5l surge tank for security.

Next, Sayuki, my FC.

My dream JDM car. Fairly fresh in my garage to be honest, no adventures to tell of, but it is absolutely spectacular to drive. Every bit as good as I could have dreamed of. I’m styling after an FC build I saw called “Ryan’s RX7” on Stanceworks. It is my prefect car.

Whole build is almost complete… just gotta put it on the car, it’s difficult to find enough time with work these days. Imported in 2001.

From the top, stuff someone else did;
Microtech tuned ECU, running 210ish bhp,
Some sort of dryflow pod filter in the front,
Some sort of front strut brace, no idea of brands
Series 5 rear end

What I’ve bought/done:
Mazdaspeed Rear strut brace
Takata 4 point harnesses
Bride Stradia II seats (not attached)
Nardi 350mm steering wheel
LED headlights
Series 5 front bumper (not attached)
S5 turbo mirrors (not attached & damaged)
MARS performance gold 18x9 5 spoke rims with chrome dish,
Achilles ATR sport tyres, 255 wide all round (mother of god the grip I’m expecting, not putting on until the car is registered)

Just need to buy a lip, similar to a Shine Auto one, & paint the car white (Will be Subaru’s new Crystal White Pearl) & it will be my perfect FC.

K cheers for listening a’ight bye.