2005 Seat Ibiza 6L Cupra

Got the cheapest one available to ruin as a track tool. First time build for this purpose and results are ok so far.
Main Problem with this plattform in general is the Lack of adjustability of the suspension, but there are workarounds (n89-Motorsport parts and adjustable powerflex bushings). Without fixing it there is no benefit of semi slicks I could observe so far.
Mod list:
Vogtland coilovers, FMS Catback exhaust, EBC bluestuff brakepads, ECU tune to 98 octane, weight reduction by removing Just about everything not needed for track use
Planned mods:
Complete suspension overhaul (spring rates, bushings and geometry), ferodo brake pads on Zimmermann brake discs, battery relocation with cutoff, intakte, aero optimization, body reinforcement
Main focus for this project is to do as much as possible as diy and not to spend a lot of money. I would like to chop cars 10 Times in value with it in track days


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