An (Actual) Idiot’s Guide To Driving An Electric Car
As Car Throttle's resident non-car person, I've had all sorts of stupid questions to ask about EVs. Here they all are, plus the answers
21 Jul 2023
Chinese Cars Are Good Now And We All Need To Get Used To It
A drive in the BYD Atto 3 shows that we mock Chinese brands at our peril - they really are making great cars now
18 Jul 2023
10 Reasonably Cheap Cars With Pop-Up Headlights
Pop-up headlights are awesome, so if that's a feature you desperately want on a cheap-ish car, what should you buy? Here are our suggestions
02 Jul 2023
Would You Buy This Cut-Price VeilSide Honda NSX?
This 1991 Honda NSX bears a Fast & Furious-style body kit and Ferrari taillights, but it could be available for a reasonable price
28 Sep 2022
Classic F1 V10 Noise Makes Verstappen & Hamilton’s Battle Even Better
The finish to the 2021 F1 season was memorable enough, but it’s even better with the raw sound of V10 engines
30 Aug 2022
The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Is Probably The Best £9000 You Can Spend On Personal Transport
Taking the frame and engine of the Trident and reimagining it as an ADV, Triumph has come up with something very special yet temptingly affordable
22 Aug 2022
There’s A Subaru WRX Engine In This Tiny Porsche 914
The unusual Porsche project looks to be well-built and has been listed for sale on Bring a Trailer
18 Aug 2022
‘My’ Skoda Karoq Sportline Bossed An 800-Mile Road Trip
Having already proven itself as an excellent crew car, ‘my’ long-term Karoq has been a great companion away from work, too
18 Aug 2022
My 188bhp Skoda Karoq Test Car Is So Good I Might Buy One
I have this Karoq Sportline for the next few months, and it’s already proven its worth, and influenced my next car purchase
18 Aug 2022
Honda Type R: The Greatest Cars To Wear The Badge
On the back of the reveal of the new FL5 Civic Type R, we check out Honda’s hottest hits
22 Jul 2022
This Barely Used Toyota MR2 Costs More Than A Brand New GR86
This like-new first-gen Toyota MR2 has covered just 1700 miles and comes with a hefty price tag
22 Jul 2022
Can Eco Tyres Save You Money On Fuel?
Eco tyres promise savings on fuel, but do they really work?
15 Jul 2022
Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date
The very worst of Mansory’s infamous bodykits (in our opinion). Do you agree with our picks?
13 Jul 2022
8 New Cars To Ogle At The 2022 Goodwood Festival Of Speed
As in previous years, Goodwood FOS will be chock full of new metal to enjoy
31 May 2022
Forget The New BMW 7 Series, This 1999 BMW 750iL Is A Used V12 Bargain
The latest 7 Series costs over £100,000, but this 12-cylinder beauty can be yours for a fraction of the price
25 Apr 2022
Batman’s Greatest Rides: The All-Time Best Batmobiles
With the latest instalment of the Batman saga set to land in cinemas this week, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Batmobiles
03 Mar 2022
I Finally Appreciate Reliability In A Car
My time with a Suzuki Swift Sport has shown me that reliability is underrated
18 Feb 2022
What 6 Months With A Mid-Sized SUV Taught Me
After six months and 12,000 miles behind the wheel of a Mazda CX-5, I'm pleased to report it's not all bad news
05 Jan 2022
12 Memorable Viral Videos From The Early Days Of YouTube
These videos made their mark in the online car community back in the day. Which of these do you remember watching?
23 Nov 2021
10 Cars To Look Forward To In 2022
With the New Year around the corner, we're taking a look at some of the most exciting cars we'll get to see first in the next 12 months
15 Nov 2021
5 Things I've Learned From Driving A Suzuki Swift Sport 3,500 Miles In 2 Months
Here's how we've found life with the mild-hybrid Suzuki Swift Sport over two months and 3,500 miles
05 Nov 2021
I Put 'My' Mazda CX-5 On All-Terrain Tyres Because Why Not
Impressed by the off-road capability of 'my' CX-5 long-term test car, I thought I'd see how it'd fare with better tyres
22 Oct 2021
What Are Petrol Particulate Filters, And Why Do They Make Cars Sound Worse?
We've been talking more and more about petrol particulate filters in recent years, but how do they actually work?
27 Sep 2021
Is A BMW M340d Really Worth £24k More Than A Skoda Octavia vRS?
Both are practical, fast diesel wagons, but one is much more expensive than the other. Is that justified? After running them together for a few months, we have two answers for you...
23 Sep 2021
I Took My Mazda CX-5 Off-Road, So You Don't Have To
At a recent off-road shoot, I showed the CX-5 some mud to see if it was any good (spoiler alert: it surprised a few people)
20 Sep 2021
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