Here's Your First Proper Look At Top Gear Without Chris Evans

Top Gear has released a teaser of the show's 24th season, which looks pretty damn spectacular

Remind me later

Thus far, all we’ve seen of Top Gear’s next series is the very short teaser that dropped a few weeks ago. Now though, we’ve a much longer preview, showing a drifting Ferrari FXX K, an Aston Martin DB11, and some shenanigans involving an old Mercedes. And we all know how fun old Mercs can be.

Most importantly, there’s no shouty Chris Evans. Following the ill-fitting star’s departure after only one series at the helm, the show will re-focus on Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid, with Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan taking a much smaller role.

It should kick off within the next month or so, and we’re pretty excited.

Note: if you’re having trouble viewing the embed, use this link