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Times Porsche has pissed off purists #blogpost part 1 of ?

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Porsche. Maker of things like the 550, 911, 912, 917, 918, 919, and more. Many, many more. Porsche is an old company with tradition. For Pete’s sake just look at the 911! It’s been through many a change and typically when said change happens, there’s always a group of people who have a small little riot. These are called purists. Purists are typically people who like to live in the past and relish on their experiences. How bout we have a look at what these purists went Harambe on? The most obvious one would have been…

The discontinuation of the water cooled engine

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Oh yes. The glorious Air-cooled engine. They’ve no need for things like inter coolers as the engine is cooled by the rushing air. By 1993, Porsche had seemingly perfected it after over3 0 years. Then, in 1998, poof. Gone. Replaced by a water-cooled Flat 6. Needless to say people where surprised. When the reviews came in, the car was just as lively, and just as good. People really just through a fit because it was something new and something different. Trust me, this will be a recurring thing on this post

There’s the new on, the 718

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Ever since 1996, the Boxter and Cayman twins where powered by a mechanical sounding boxer V6. They shared it until 2016. 2016, the year the world killed off a lot of people we loved and then just was like, “hey America, have fun”. That was the year the Boxter/Cayman where renamed with a 718 in front of their names. Oh and they also threw out the boxter V6 for a turbo’d boxter 4. I’m not complaining. Sounds like a Subie mixed with a classic beetle. AKA, perfect. Other’s don’t think so. Others think it sounds like an econo-box… The 718 twins have, what would be considered a mistake 20 years ago…


The "flappy paddles" are synonymous with PDK
The "flappy paddles" are synonymous with PDK

“Only real car guys pick manual”. I’ve heard that many of times when browsing forums and trying to have conversations. Maybe someone mentions that their car has a PDK but then, blammo, shot down. Sure, a PDK is missing a pedal, but what’s more satisfying then clicking a paddle. Seriously, just listen to the “click!” that Porsche paddles make. And here’s a little memo to the people who say, “you can’t be a car guy without a manual.” Who’s to decide what makes a car guy besides the love for cars or just a car?

On that, this is over

I might do another… And There’s a reason I’ve been hesitant on making another post. CT’s just a bit…. negative at the moment. It’s been for a while. I’m not leaving and I’m not disavowing criticism. Heck, I love criticism. It helps me, and others improve but just the blatant rudeness portrayed by some CTzens is just astonishing. But hey, if this post makes ya feel better, kudos to you :) Anywho, I’ve got an American thing to go to, toodles~

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