Tom Harrison 10 years ago

Will.I.Am "Misplaces" De.Lor.Ean: "What The F...lux Capacitor?!"

Will.I.Am's not been having a good time of it recently. First, he creates a crap car. Then, said crap car gets nicked. Karma?

Remind me later
In January, tweet-happy Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, and gleefully announced that he was going to set up a car company. Seriously. Mr I.Am’s a bit of a philanthropist, you see. He supports the STEM Education Coalition (promotes the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths in schools) and plans to set up shop in the East Los Angeles neighborhood where he grew up, providing with it much-needed jobs and industry. His intentions, then, were admirable. The car? Not so much. Will says it’s a custom design based on Chrysler components and with a set of Delorean doors thrown in for good measure. However, after a bit of digging by the guys over at Jalopnik, it was unmasked as, basically, a customized Delorean. Albeit one with a whacking-great V8... Either way, Will’s not been having much luck with his De.Lor.Ean. In June, it was impounded by the LAPD as he was unable to provide any paperwork for it. At all. Turns out it was unregistered, and didn’t even have a VIN number. Fast-forward a few weeks, and Will’s driving himself and former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger to a record release party. They pull up, snap a quick shot for his densely populated Twitter feed and head indoors. A couple of hours later, when he’s ready to depart, he notices that his car has disappeared. “What the f...lux capacitor is going on here!" At first, Will blamed it on the valet, by claiming they’d closed before he was ready to leave. However, the valet company flatly denied they’d ever been in possession of the car. Will said the LAPD were investigating, but they too denied speaking to him, and claimed that no stolen car report had been filed. Don’t worry though, it’s been found. And by West Coast Customs too, the guys who built the damn thing in the first place. Suspicious? We think so. Is Will.I.Am just an idiot, or was it just an elaborate hoax promoting to promote his new album?