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When Motorbikes Brake Check Cars, It Always Ends Badly

If you too would like to brake check the idiot tailgating you, a motorbike isn't a suitable vehicle for the job

Remind me later
We all hate being tailgated, so one way motorists combat offenders is by brake checking them. The idea is to brake sharply and then continue driving, which scares the tailgater into submission. Or that's the idea, at least. It's a manoeuvre not to be used by a car driver, let alone a vulnerable motorcyclist. But this is Russia - home of the gun-touting, car crashing, daredevil driver. Rules do not apply here.
The moment of impact The moment of impact
Which is why the biker in the clip cuts in front of this driver on a motorway and starts to brake check like crazy. It seems like he's trying to get the car to stop completely so he can have a little chat. The final brake check is so violent, however, that the car slams into the back of the bike, sending the rider off his two wheels and into the distance.
'Hope my car's OK...' 'Hope my car's OK...'
In the spirit of Russian motoring, the car driver then gets out of his ride to check that everything's OK. With his car. Video