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We Can Finally Hear The Aston Martin Valkyrie's N/A V12 Used In Anger

We can - at last - hear the Valkyrie's 6.5-litre V12 under full load thanks to these short clips from testing at Silverstone

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Aston Martin - We Can Finally Hear The Aston Martin Valkyrie's N/A V12 Used In Anger - News

It was hard not to be disappointed by the first video of the Aston Martin Valkyrie in motion. It was a slow-ish demonstration run, and what little chance we had to hear the hypercar’s magnificent 6.5-litre, naturally-aspirated V12 was hampered by the generic rock music dumped over the top.

Over the last couple of days, though, key Aston Martin figures have been releasing short but oh-so sweet videos of the Valkyrie undergoing testing at Silverstone. And it’s being driven quite a lot faster here.

The clips from CEO Andy Palmer, Q sales boss Simon Lane and Chief Special Operations Officer David King give us a much better idea of how the Cosworth-built V12 sounds under load. The answer is…rather a lot like an old F1 car. It’s a fabulous noise, isn’t it?

As a reminder, the Valkyrie’s engine - which is a stressed member of the chassis - is good for 1000bhp at 10,500rpm, with the redline at 11,100rpm. A hybrid system - which includes components supplied by Rimac - brings a further 160bhp to the party, for a 1160bhp total. Plenty in a car that will weigh around 1100kg.

Only 150 will be made, and each one is already sold.