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Watch This MX5 Get Wiped Out By An Aston And Porsche Battling On Track

The poor little MX5 didn't even know what hit it

Remind me later
Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 16.41.56 What you see here is the result of Marc Miller's MX5 getting sandwiched between an Aston Martin and Porsche at high speed. In a series that has such varied competitors, back markers getting tangled up with the front-runners is always a possibility, and if you watch Miller's rear view mirror you get an idea of the differing speeds between the overtaking cars. Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 16.42.23 This on-board footage comes from Miller's CJ Wilson Racing MX-5 in the closing stages of last week's race at the Kansas Speedway. Clipping the Aston to his right sends Miller and 3 other competitors into sickening spins, however the MX5 was the only car to continue racing. Video