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Watch The Fierce New Megane RS Trophy-R Carve Up The Nurburgring

After it was revealed that the Megane RS Trophy wouldn’t use semi-slick tyres, there was always going to be room for a flagship track day special…

Remind me later

Renault Sport’s new Megane flagship has been filmed in testing, and track day enthusiasts might want to pay attention.

The Trophy-R will sit above and the side of the regular Megane Trophy, which we recently tested and found a massive amount of respect for. But while the regular version is a stiff and rapid A-road missile, the R will be the balls-out track day toy.

It’s stripped out with no rear seats, boasts light-alloy wheels and clearly displays gargantuan brakes behind them. Lightweight front seats, racing harnesses and lap-timing equipment are possible. A token increase on the 296bhp of the Trophy is likely, too.

Watch The Fierce New Megane RS Trophy-R Carve Up The Nurburgring - News

Ever since we learned that Michelin’s sticky Pilot Cup 2 tyre wouldn’t be offered on the Trophy, even as an option, we’ve wondered whether a track-biased Megane was on the cards. The Trophy-R is it, and it more than likely wears the Cups.

In the video, filmed on a day when the new car itself – clearly liveried up as a Trophy-R – was being filmed for Renault, we can see some scenes where the car moves very slowly, and others where it seems to be at full chat. Make your own mind up, but we think it sounds pretty good, and there’s no doubt it’ll be rapid around a circuit. Hot hatch lap record holders everywhere must be getting a bit twitchy.