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Watch And Listen To Ferrari's Mysterious V6 Prototypes Hammer Round Fiorano

488-based test mules have been spotted at Ferrari's Maranello test track, belting out a distinct V6 soundtrack

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Judging by the PR rhetoric surrounding the Ferrari F8 Tributo at the car’s launch last year - and the generally bleak outlook for big engines - the 710bhp monster could end up being Maranello’s final mid-engined V8 supercar. Should we be sad about that? Of course, but it sounds as though the 3.9-litre twin-turbo F154’s replacement will make a suitably lovely noise.

Instagram account Cochespias posted a video via Simone Masetti Photography, showing several 488 GTB-based test mules charging at the Fiorano test track. But the accompanying soundtrack wasn’t that of a V8 - to our ears, they’re almost certainly V6s.

Although a V6 derived from the F154 is thought to exist in the form of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio‘s 2.9 twin-turbo engine (neither company has ever explicitly confirmed a link), Ferrari is thought to be working on an entirely new V6. It’ll likely gain hybrid technology trickled down from the V8 SF90 - giving Maranello a future-proof powertrain. As well as providing propulsion for the F8’s replacement, it’ll also power Ferrari’s Purosangue SUV.

We suspect you’re more interested in the former, especially as it might be called ‘Dino’. Rumours of famous badge’s resurrection have been rumbling on for years, so could Ferrari finally pull the trigger with its next midship supercar? Don’t bet against it, particularly given the company’s apparent willingness to dig up names from its history (see: 812 Superfast).

Whatever it’s called, it’ll be stuffed full of technology to make driving fast disarmingly easy and will be awfully quick in a straight line. Despite the drop in displacement, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an output greater than the 3.9 V8’s, once hybrid power is brought into the equation.

The new Ferrari V6 'Dino' engine is likely to power the F8 Tributo's successor
The new Ferrari V6 'Dino' engine is likely to power the F8 Tributo's successor

In the SF90, the electric part of the powertrain brings 217bhp to the party via a 7.9kWh battery and three electric motors. Importantly, that hasn’t resulted in a ridiculous weight figure for the hypercar - it tips the scales at 1570kg.

This gives us hope that a paired down version of the system for the F8’s successor shouldn’t result in a car that’s significantly bulkier than the car it replaces if some clever weight-saving measures are also factored in.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of a V6 hybrid Ferrari supercar?