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Watch A Shuanghuan CEO 'Fake' X5 Get The Fiery Death It Deserves

German publication Auto Bild bought a five-year-old example of this Chinese SUV for thorough testing, and found it so shocking they refused to sell it on, choosing to destroy it instead

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If you don’t speak German, let us take you through the video above. You may remember BMW being none too pleased that Chinese car maker Shuanghuan was attempting to sell its ‘CEO’ SUV in Europe a few years ago, with the Bavarians claiming the design was a ripoff of the X5. The initial decision to block the sale of the CEO was swiftly overturned, and Shuanghuan did sell a small number of the vehicles in Europe.

Wolfgang Blaube - a motoring journalist with Auto Bild - bought a five-year-old example of the CEO, to see just what one is like after five years of usage. Not good, it turns out. Auto Bild testers found the car to be severely dilapidated, with terrifying handling characteristics and a shockingly low level of safety. Blaube was so shocked by the findings, that he refused to sell the car on, choosing instead to destroy it.