Watch A Pickup Accidentally Drift Tap A McLaren 720S

A 720S in Thailand is seen hitting his brakes hard in this dashcam footage, catching out a driver behind

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Well, this is all rather unfortunate, isn’t it? This painful dashcam footage first shows us a McLaren 720S and a chasing Mercedes C63 Black Series tear past the camera car while undertaking traffic at speed, before slamming the brakes on at the tail of a traffic jam in Thailand.

The C63 slots into another lane, leaving the 720S at the mercy of a Chevrolet pickup truck whose driver - also not hanging around - gets caught out by the rapidly slowing supercar. 29-year-old Weerapong Thongchom brakes and swerves, but it’s too late, and the Chevy is seen doing a manoeuvre akin to a drift wall tap. Except instead of a wall, he hits a car worth over £700,000 in Thailand. Yay import taxes!

Mclaren - Watch A Pickup Accidentally Drift Tap A McLaren 720S - Supercars and Hypercars

According to MSN, Thongchom admitted fault, saying: “I could not have chosen a more valuable car to crash into. There are only three of these McLarens in all of Thailand…I was travelling between 100kmh and 120kmh. I didn’t estimate the conditions on the road correctly. It’s important for drivers to be careful.”

The damage isn’t significant, but any kind of prang, however minor, is not going to be cheap to fix on a car like this.

Source: MSN via Car Scoops