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Watch A New Audi RS 6 Avant Pulverise A Nissan GT-R In A Drag Race

On paper the GT-R should take the win easily, but the result when Carfection races Godzilla against the new RS 6 is so one-sided that you'd imagine that the Nissan had a fault...

Remind me later

You know the drill: it’s yet another ‘is car X faster than a Nissan GT-R?’ video. This time it’s the turn of Carfection to pit the much-loved, much-hated Japanese legend against something they bought along for the ride; the channel’s RS 6 Avant crew car.

It’s twin-turbo V8 and dog-carrying practicality versus twin-turbo V6 and Internet stardom. It’s not as close as you’d think, though, and without wanting to spoil all the delicious excitement for you, the GT-R just doesn’t seem quite on form, to us. Have a look and let us know what you think.