Matt Kimberley profile picture Matt Kimberley 4 years ago

Watch A Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Nudge 190mph On The Autobahn

The way the E 63 S accelerates like a supercar of yesteryear never gets boring, and as this video proves, it's happy to keep on trucking until it hits about 190mph...

Remind me later

Want to see how fast the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S is at the top end? Of course you do. The video above is what happened when the guys at Dutch outlet AutoTopNL took one down the German Autobahn.

This quiet(ish), comfortable five-seat saloon (or estate) hits 192mph on the internal speedometer – 187mph on the windscreen-mounted datalogger – on its travels down the derestricted motorway. The 180mph limiter is working well, then.

Sit back and enjoy one of today’s fastest family cars in full flight. You’ll want the sound on, too…