Just a bit of banter #ecarnomics

Just a bit of banter #ecarnomics - Nissan Skyline Forum

Yesterday I was talking to a friend whose cousin imports and exports vehicles. His cousin talked to a car dealer a couple years ago and talked down the price of an R32 GT-R to $20,000nzd ($14,000usd), only to have the dealer realise what he’d done after they had sold it to him - he knew that they would become legal in the U.S and could export and sell it for twice the price in a couple months.

The interesting point that came up was that prices of Skylines have skyrocketed since the R32 became legal in the United States. Everyone talks about this, and even car parts have gone up in price by about 50% since then (mostly just SR20DET and RB26DETT motors).
What I have noticed is that the local price of Skylines in NZ hasn’t increased at all - a 4-door n/a manual R34 like mine would have costed $6,000 a year or two ago, now everyone is trying to sell theirs off for $4,000. Also, many of you stateside CTzens have said “$25,000 isn’t a good price for an R32 GT-R”. If you visit a car dealer here, you will be hard pressed to find one under $20,000usd, and if you plan on exporting it to the U.S, it may well end up costing $25,000usd by the time it has landed, therefore not much profit is to be had.

The point that we concluded with is that the price of the R32 is dropping in the U.S. The reason why we believe it is dropping has a lot to do with street-cred. The people who are buying them would have seen them in Gran Turismo years ago and made it their dream to own it, however up until 2 years ago this was not possible. Now 20 or so years later they have grown up and earned enough to buy their childhood-dream car and want to show it off, and what better way to do that than to snatch up the first one you can and be the first in your area to own it. Therefore more people would drool over it since it is the first one they have ever seen.
A few years later and there are many in each state, and many have come up for sale in the U.S when the first stateside owner no longer wants it.

"...now that we can have them, it's just the coolest thing" - Matt Farah

So remember that I was talking to someone whose cousin could possibly export these cars overseas - but it doesn’t seem profitable to get a loan and buy the car outright and then spend a couple thousand shipping across the pacific when the price and demand are both dropping.
However, if this theory is true that street cred is everything, and everyone wants to snatch up the first one, then we can expect the R33 GT-R to jump in price pretty soon especially since the technology and handling has been updated since the R32, and certain models (400R ahem) don’t stick within the Gentlemens’ Agreement.

What does this mean for people looking to export?
-Rather than investing in a garage full of later-model R32’s, invest in the first series R33 GT-R. The R32 is only going to depreciate, even for the later M-Spec and V-Spec models.

What does it mean for people looking to import?
-Buy an R33 now and keep it in storage. Because of the Gran Turismo generation, the price is expected to be higher than the R32 once it’s legal.