The 5 Best Front Engined Ferraris

For 69 years people have been bewildered by the essence that is Ferrari. The Italian auto-manufacturer that was every childs go to dream car. Lamborghini who?

Over the many, many years Ferrari have built an exceptional variety of Supercars. The most recognised of which be there mid-engined cars we’ve all come to know and love such as the F40, the Enzo, the 458 and 488 and over the past three years we had the member of the holy trinity… La Ferrari.

But over these countless decades Ferrari have made more than just mid-engine wedges. A large number of models have been front-engined Sport and Grand Tourers. I have compiled a list of the 5 best ones right here. This list is simply personal opinion and if there’s a car not on this list then by all means give it a mention.

5. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

We start this list with this. The GT Lusso was one of the last cars to be marked with the 250 name and is regarded as one of the most beautiful cars to be designed by Pininfarina. The GT Lusso was built to be a more luxurious version of the 250 and as a result was slightly larger. And although the car was intended solely as a luxury model it found itself in a few races during 1964 and 1965 before it was succeeded by the 275 GTB.

The Lusso was powered by a 3.0L Colombo V12 which produced 240 hp at 7,500 rpm. The car would achieve 60 mph in 7 to 8 seconds and would carry on upwards to 150 mph which made it one of the fastest passenger road cars of the time.

4. Ferrari 550 Maranello

Next on my list is a car I remember famously tearing through Miami streets with Will Smith behind the wheel. The Ferrari 550 Maranello may have been a star in Bad Boys 2 but other that the car was never intended for stardom. Like the Lusso the 550 Maranello was intended solely as a road going car and not to be used in Motorsport but that didn’t stop a few private racing teams fronting these cars as their weapon of choice. The success of the cars saw more variants of the 550 being produced with racing in mind, the most recognisable of which is probably the Prodrive 550.

Keeping with the tradition of putting large 12-cylinder engines in their cars Ferrari gave this one a 485 hp power plant that sent power to the rear wheels via a six-speed gear box.

3. Ferrari 250 GT SWB "Breadvan"

This one makes my list due to the unique styling of it. Instantly recognisable by car guys everywhere as the “Breadvan.” Unlike the two cars prior this car was intended for racing. In-fact, racing was this cars sole purpose in life. Built on the base of the 250 GT SWB to be competitive against Ferraris new racer the 250 GTO the Breadvan went on to pass all the Ferraris in its class but didn’t see the finishing line in its début race. To this day the car gets rolled out for very special racing events throughout the world.

The car produced 292 hp from its naturally aspirated V12.

2. Ferrari FF

What can I say about the FF that you don’t already know? Fair enough I’ll say it anyway. The FF is Ferraris revolutionary all-wheel drive GT car. At the time of its conception the V12 engine that powered it was the largest engine that Ferrari had ever put in one of their cars. The engine makes 671 hp which is sent to all four wheels through a 7-speed “flappy paddle” gear box.

This car makes my list mostly due to its styling. The shooting brake design is a much loved shape to me and so the FF makes the cut.

1. Ferrari 599xx

This car right here is my number 1. It’s my bread and butter. Beyond the Nissan Skylines, Dodge Chargers, BMW M3s and Lamborghini Aventadors this is the car that I’ve wanted to own the most. Why? Because it’s pointless. Pointless, stupid, unconventional, I could go on for hours. Stupid, stupid car. BUT that’s why I love it. Will you ever see a 599xx on the street? Nope. Why not? Because this car is specifically for racing on the track only. Will you see one at the track? You’re probably more likely to see Miley Cyrus. This car can only be let out of its cage if Ferrari gives permission. So. Only allowed on tracks and only if you have permission from Dad. Pointless car.

Look at it though. It has little wings, and fiddly aerodynamics that you don’t see on cars. It’s weirdly beautiful and very functional. The 599xx is the number one of this list due to it being something very different. An exercise in “because I can” and that’s why I want one.

Honourable Mention: Fiat 500

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