I broke it... 😫😫😫

I broke it...   😫😫😫 - General Mechanical Advice

So I finished putting in my new struts on my Bonneville. As I was cleaning up the old nuts and all the tools and such, this just brushed off the stud. I am planning on drilling it out and finding a bolt the same size and using that in place of the stud (and maybe welding it on the bottom so it’s basically a stud, and so I don’t have to hold a wrench on it). Getting new struts is out of the picture (although I will be composing a colorful email the the Amazon seller I bought these from). Thoughts?

P.S. Yes I know I need to get the car aligned before I drive it after replacing struts. I’ll probably have my friend bring it in on a trailer for alignment, once I get the wheels cleaned up and get tires on them.