Peak-a-boo from the dead

Peak-a-boo from the dead - General

Hey guys miss me? I sure didn’t miss me. I’m back kind of guys. As most of you know i have been banned from instagram, bummer right? Can’t really cheat link post anymore and don’t plan on making another insta till this fall. No real big updates besides you probably know the mercedes was totalled as of late last year, the replacement was a chrystler 300s. Recent cars i driven was a 2013 scion frs and ford thunderbird v8. My youtube channel maybe revived again soon as umder a new name if i get a better camera (still using phone and inbetween jobs atm 😅). Hopefully i would like to start a serious where i drive both stock and modified cars on some of kentucky’s rural roads. If you’re in the #louisville #kentucky #lexington area please comment and we can link up. I’m not the greatest manual driver honestly guys. I’m capable of driving manual it’s me not stalling in intial go from a complete stop ( i dont drive manual often tho i have driven atleast 8 manual cars and haven’t wrecked). Shifting and everything else i’m A1 in i’ll make a seperate post about it. Any new cars? Nope same old lincoln and the taurus is gone so yea. If you guys missed me thanks for the love and i’ll try to be more “relavent” in the CT community. Love ya’ll goodnight and God bless you, if you are an athiest then may dirt bless you.