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Scariest moment with my 240sx so far. (Long story)

Scariest moment with my 240sx so far. (Long story) - Build

To back track (skip to next para for story), first off, this car was bought for $1420. It obviously needed work but the engine seemed good enough to go through with the sale and start putting in man hours. Bought on March 3rd, it’s about to be 2 months since I got it and a total of $3300+ has been spent all together.

So I replaced the old coolant reservoir since it was broken. Then the radiator cap was leaking. I replaced out and that turned out to be a piece of junk, so I just bought an oem one. Now that the pressure actually started to build, my radiator started leaking and basically spilled all the coolant over night. So I took it to a shop top get it replaced. (This past Monday).

The car has been sitting since apart from driving it to get a stereo installed. and just yesterday my buddy came over to check out the car. Eventually I decided to drop him off in the 240sx so he could feel it for himself. He forgot his keys at my house, so on your way back, we get to a stop light and we just hear this loud explosion sound come from under the hood… and all this smoke came from under the car. I just thought, “my engine just blew!” .. So I freak out, until the guy in the car next to us said, “hey, your radiator just blew up!” I look out the car and I see coolant everywhere… Now I’m thinking, that shop probably did a dirty job or screwed me over with a bad radiator…

So we pull over and open the hood to find out the bottom hose ripped.. just the hose -_-

For the amount of noise and way turned out to be steam not smoke, I expected more damage than a hose. But yeah, I replaced both radiator hoses yesterday and the car seems to work fine now.

Also found a power steering leak, fixed that too. This car just keeps breaking every time I fix something. Welcome to the 240sx life Sammy (me) haha