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Volkswagen Has Teased The Golf R Performance Pack That Will Take The Fight To The New Civic Type R

The hyper hatch Golf can now be optioned with a performance package that features adjustable shock absorbers and high-performance brake pads and discs

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Volkswagen - Volkswagen Has Teased The Golf R Performance Pack That Will Take The Fight To The New Civic Type R - News

Previewed on Volkswagen’s own YouTube channel, the hottest version of the seventh generation Golf has been released and updated through brake and suspension upgrades. The Golf R Performance Pack features adjustable shock absorbers, drilled brake discs and upgraded pads to make it that bit more hardcore, but power and torque go unchanged from its 2.0-litre turbocharged unit. That means 310bhp and 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds using a Haldex four-wheel drive system as a helping hand.

The Golf R has however received a 12bhp boost in its recent facelift, bringing it just 6bhp short of the new Civic Type R. Although the Performance Pack doesn’t build on power, top speed has managed to increase to 166mph compared to the current 155mph limit. Also, a new titanium exhaust system saves 7kg and should increase the bark made by the four-pot engine.

The Performance Pack uses the ‘air curtain’ implemented by the standard Golf R as seen in the promotional video. It uses new front air intakes and side skirts to optimise aerodynamic efficiency as well as a small rear lip spoiler which apparently adds 20kg of downforce once up and running. A rear diffuser also doubles as a housing for the exhaust tips.

With the hyper hatch sector getting more and more crowded in recent times, it seems that Volkswagen is making sure its headline Golf is staying competitive with the likes of the Ford Focus RS and Civic Type R. Sadly, it is not clear whether the Performance Package will be sold in the UK but it will be available soon for the continental European market.