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Three Generations Of Quad-Turbo Bugatti Come Together For Incredible Photocall

The 'Holy Trinity of modern Bugatti' - the EB110, Chiron and Veyron - have been brought together in Dubai for a stunning set of images

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We wouldn’t blame you if you got bored of hearing the term ‘Holy Trinity’ bandied about a few years ago for a certain set of hybrid hypercars. Now that the electrified McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche have slipped away from the headlines, however, Bugatti has sought to requisition the biblical term for three of its own cars - the EB110, the Veyron and the Chiron.

The “Holy Trinity of modern Bugatti,” as the company calls it, is made up of its three quad-turbocharged monsters - the elder powered by a V12, and the more recent two packing W16s. They’ve all been brought together in Dubai (where else) for a magnificent set of photos, just in time to remind us of how spectacular the outside world can look as we spend more time inside than ever.

Admittedly, none of them is pretty in a conventional sense, but all in one group, the trio is quite a sight to behold. We’ve decided to post all eight images in here with links to higher resolution versions, should you fancy sprucing up your desktop/laptop/mobile with fresh wallpaper.

What’s particularly interesting is just how well the EB110 (here in the more powerful SuperSport form, as is the Veyron) fits with the newer cars - it just looks right in the frame. That’s despite it coming from a completely different era for the company.

Italian entrepreneur Romano Artioli bought the brand in 1987, set up shop near Modena, and managed to get 139 EB110s through the door before the company collapsed in 1995. It’d be another 10 years until the arrival of the Veyron, which was designed, developed and built under the ownership of VW Group.

It remains an important part of the company’s colourful history, as evidenced by it being here, and by Bugatti recreating it with the Chiron-based Centodieci.

The question is, if you could own just one of these, which would it be? Get voting…