This Is The Most Extreme Car Collection In The World

This Sheikh's car collection is so vast, he had to build a museum within a pyramid to hold it

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Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is an incredibly rich man. A member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Ruling Family in the United Arab Emirates, he is believed to be worth $20 billion. When you have that much money floating about you can buy whatever you want, and if you can't buy something you can just have someone build it for you. This is how 'The Rainbow Sheik' rolls, and as a result he has amassed one of the world's largest and wackiest car collections - more than 200 cars, trucks and caravans - which are on public display in a purpose-built pyramid. He's well known for his extravagances, such as carving his name into his private island to create canals that are visible from space. Here's a look at some of his most spectacular vehicles.

Mercedes Monster Truck

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Details are surprisingly scarce about this modified Mercedes monster truck, but this crazy Sheik clearly feels standard off roaders aren't up to desert terrain. Obviously there's not a lot of stock parts below the belt of this thing, however the interior appears to be relatively standard.

The Rainbow Mercedes Collection

8 Rainbows adorn many of the vehicles in the collection, however the most spectacular has to go to the 7 Mercedes 500 SELs - one for each day of the week - which are each painted a different colour of the rainbow. Purchased in 1983, they also have matching interiors that were created by the world renowned Styling Garage. Furthermore, each car has a gun rack built into the boot, capable of holding 3 colour coordinated M16 rifles.

Largest Truck In The World

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This Dodge Power Wagon truck is 8 times the size of the original. These monster wheels are the biggest he could source and they come from a machine that transports oil rigs. If you think it looks as big as house, you'd be correct, because it is a house. Inside are four bedrooms, a living room and even a patio on the pick-up bed. The most remarkable thing? It's a working vehicle, with its own engine, steering and brakes.

The World's Largest Jeep

original As if the Dodge wasn't enough, he also owns this huge Willys Jeep replica. Imagine taking this into battle during World War 2...

Old But New Dodge Royal Lancer

emirates_auto_museum-39 Sheikh Hamad has a bit of a soft spot for American cars, and this is his favourite vehicle of the collection. This Dodge Lancer is from 1954 and only has delivery miles on the clock, still wearing its original paint and interior.

1:1 Million Scale Earth Caravan

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The Sheikh also appears to love bizarre caravans. As well as the Dodge Power Wagon motorhome, he also has this thing. But the most bizarre of the lot is this Earth caravan. Built to 1 millionth scale, it features 10 bedrooms spread over 3 floors.