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This Honda Civic Type R Was Ripped In Two During A Huge Crash

Shocking footage depicts the aftermath of a wreck that tore a Civic Type R in half, although thankfully, it's thought there weren't any serious injuries

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Honda - This Honda Civic Type R Was Ripped In Two During A Huge Crash - News

A short but rather scary video has emerged showing an FK8 Honda Civic Type R sitting in two distinct pieces after what must have been a massive crash. It’s said to have occurred after an older driver T-boned the Honda, sending it side-on into a lamp post on Jewell Avenue and Federal Boulevard in Denver, Colorado.

The car seems to have broken in two just behind the B-pillar, which would have left anyone in the rear dangerously exposed. Thankfully, the two back seats were empty, and the two front-seat occupants are thought to have emerged with only minor injuries.

Just seen this on Jewell & Feds 😲🙏🙏

Posted by Vincent Nieto on Saturday, 3 July 2021

We should note that we haven’t been able to verify any of this - all of the information out there seems to have been based on Facebook comments. We can’t even be sure of the date of the crash, although the poster claimed to have “just seen” the stricken Type R when uploading the video on 3 July. We’ve contacted the Denver Police Department’s media relations team to see if there’s any information to glean from an official report.

For now, we’re just looking at these images dumbfounded as to how this freak accident happened. Side impacts certainly weren’t an issue for the Honda in crash tests on either side of the pond, and while we have seen plenty of wrecks involving cars breaking in two, they usually involve mid-engined cars. Often, such vehicles are designed to split just behind the cockpit - to see the passenger cell of a car itself break apart is more unusual, and surely involved a hugely violent impact.