This Has To Be The World's Angriest Alfa Romeo 4C

This madly modified 4C is now running 600bhp, and it can be seen here tearing up the Trofeo Vallecamonica hillclimb in Italy

Remind me later

While this monster may still look like a 4C, there’s not a whole lot of the original car left. The original carbonfibre tub is still there, but that’s about it. The wheelbase has been extended by 30mm, while the suspension is now a push-road setup. The wheels are dinky 13-inch, single-seater style jobbies with fat tyres, and the 1750cc engine is now mounted longitudinally instead of transversely. It produces a massive 600bhp at 8200rpm, chucking its power to the rear via a Hewland TMT-200 sequential gearbox.

Video via Jalopnik