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These Are The Butch Parts That'll Stop The Dodge Challenger Demon Eating Itself

In the latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser, Dodge takes us through the various strengthened bits and pieces of the driveline

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I know, I know: only the other day we had a piece on this very website talking about how tired we’re getting of all the Challenger SRT Demon teasers, and here we are a few days on posting another. News it news no matter how frustratingly it’s packaged though, and eight videos in, we’re kinda committed to see it through. So, what’s Dodge telling us this time around?

Teaser number eight is called ‘Race-Hardened Parts’, and it’s about, err, race-hardened parts. So, it’s nice and self explanatory this time around, with the press releasing detailing the butch bits and pieces the Demon’s driveline has been given to stop things going bang when the presumably more powerful 6.2-litre supercharged V8 kicks in.

Compared to the Hellcat, the Demon gets an upgraded prop shaft with a 15 per cent higher torque capacity, a new differential housing giving a 30 per cent increase in torque capacity, and 41-spline half shafts for a 20 per cent increase in capacity.

Dodge - These Are The Butch Parts That'll Stop The Dodge Challenger Demon Eating Itself - News

Along with these hardware changes, it’s been revealed that the Demon has also been given a ‘Launch Assist’ function which monitors wheel speeds and momentarily reduces torque when required to prevent wheel hop. And a reduction wheel hop means? Less chance of damaging driveline components, of course - working together nicely with the upgraded parts.

Finally, Dodge has added the option of a four-point harness bar, easily mountable thanks to the deleted rear seat.

The full car will be - finally - revealed on 11 April, although by then, we’re not sure how much more Dodge will have to tell us about it…