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The New TVR's Manual Shifter Looks Pretty Damn Sweet

TVR has shown the interior of its new sports car for the first time, revealing an exquisite gear shifter and other fancy details

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The New TVR's Manual Shifter Looks Pretty Damn Sweet - News

We still have a month to go until TVR at last reveals its all-new sports car, and until then, it seems like the teasers will continue. The latest one is here, and it, err, doesn’t really show much.

It’s as cheeky as the side exhaust shot the company revealed a couple months back, showing us only a small part of the interior. But, what it does reveal is the coupe’s manual shifter. Isn’t it a glorious little thing? Just imagine using it to row through the gears that are hooked up to the car’s naturally-aspirated, Cosworth-fettled Ford V8. A nice image, I’m sure you’ll agree.

We’re also shown a small section of the slender centre console and its rotary switches, plus some rather lovely looking rocker switches. Let’s hope it looks as good in person.

The New TVR's Manual Shifter Looks Pretty Damn Sweet - News

That aforementioned V8 will power the rear wheels exclusively, and put out 480bhp. Considering the car will only weigh 1200kg, it’s going to be one hell of a potent thing. Unlike TVRs of old however, it won’t be entirely devoid of driver aids.

The car - which effectively relaunches the TVR brand after a fair few years in the wilderness - will be revealed in full at the Goodwood Revival, which runs from 8 - 10 September.