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The New TVR Has Sold Out, Even Though It Doesn't Exist Yet

250 people have shelled out on deposits for the new TVR - even though no-one knows what it looks like, or even what it's called - effectively selling out the whole 2017 allocation

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TVR - The New TVR Has Sold Out, Even Though It Doesn't Exist Yet - Euro

See the car above? It isn’t the new TVR, it’s the old Sagaris. And the reason for us using this image? No one knows what the new Trevor - arriving in 2017 - will look like. Or how powerful it’ll be. Or how much it’ll cost. Despite that, 250 people have shelled out £5000 each to secure themselves this unknown entity, in only six weeks.

This means that the whole 2017 allocation is sold out; if you want to place a deposit now, you won’t get a car until 2018. So, why the confidence from these punters? It’s probably because this long-awaited rebirth - the work of a consortium led by Les Edgar - sounds particularly promising.

The new car is set to be “engineered in collaboration with” a chap called Gordon Murray - only the guy with the most dominant Grand Prix car ever built plus the McLaren F1 on his CV. Sounds like it’ll have a decent engine, too, as it’ll be a naturally-aspirated, dry-sumped V8 developed by Cosworth.

Given TVR’s many financial meltdowns over the years, we can’t help but be a little pessimistic about everything turning out as hoped, but this time around, all the right ingredients appear to be there. Let’s cross our fingers.