Shocking 'Ring Footage Shows Driver Almost Getting Run Over

Here's a terrifying but effective demonstration of why it's so dangerous leaving a crashed or broken down car at the Nordschleife

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If you’ve just crashed out at the Nurburgring, the danger isn’t over yet. Given that the Nordschleife is a tight track with very limited visibility in places, you have to be absolutely sure it’s safe to leave your crashed/broken down vehicle before doing so, and you need to get yourself over the Armco ASAP.

As for ‘why’ you only need to take a look at this terrifying video. Posted by YouTube channel Auto Addition at the request of the driver - to highlight the dangers of leaving your car when the track is live - it shows a BMW 328i hitting the barrier and rolling after some oversteer and a little over-correction.

The driver makes his exit toward the safety of the Armco barrier but doesn’t seem in a hurry. Until that is, an E46 BMW 3-series crashes into the scene, hitting the stricken 328i and barely missing the man. It’s uncomfortably close…