Tony Pimpo 11 years ago 0

Porsche CEO Says Hybrids Aren't Part of the Plan

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Lately, the move toward alternative fuel technologies has been very pervasive. It seems like everyone is rumored to be considering it, even Ferrari. Porsche is a brand that, above all, would seem like one to go with the trend on this after bucking the desires of purists with the Cayenne and Panamera. Seems like that isn't the case though. Porsche's Chief Executive Officer Michael Macht is a good source to ask about the future of Porsche. Autocar reports his latest quote on this issue, saying: “It’s technically possible but it’s not part of the plan. It also adds weight,” he said. “We want brake regeneraton and stop-start for our sports cars, but not hybrid. They’re not driven in the city, where you get most of the advantages
There you have it - not an outright denial. The explanation makes some sense - there are many other technologies, like the ones he mentioned, that can help make sportscars more efficient. Besides, the new 911 is already one of the most fuel-efficient sportscars around. What is on the table though, like we have reported on before, is an electric Porsche. Tesla has proven that electric power and sportscars are not two mutually exclusive things. Don't expect one for a while though, as Macht demands there be a suitable range - the "same as now." Not sure what that means exactly, but it is good to know they are intent on delivering a superior product.