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Continuing the Car Throttle Legacy (Sort Of)

Continuing the Car Throttle Legacy (Sort Of) - Off topic

I was a very dramatic teenager, y’know that? Well, I still am, but not as much anymore. What I’m getting at is that I threatened to leave Car Throttle far more times than was necessary, and honestly, I never acted on the claim. The one time I truly “left” I didn’t even proclaim it, I just got bored and didn’t post for over a year. But… I bring this up because this right here will almost certainly be my actual last post ever on CT.

Y’all already know why, it’s been announced by staff that the community portion of Car Throttle will be permanently removed after May 3rd. This is something we all saw coming for many years now, and honestly, I’m amazed it’s lasted this long. It’s been a very much dead website since early 2019, and looking through the community page, pretty much nothing gets interaction anymore. Meanwhile, back in 2016, it was easy to get 100+ upvotes on a meme. What happened?

Don’t worry, this isn’t about to be an analysis of what/who killed Car Throttle. That’s all in the past and doesn’t matter anymore. So… what is this post? Well, I thought about it. Do I want my last post to be a big middle finger to the CT staff because I’m immature and still think they intentionally destroyed their own website? Do I want to reminisce about the “good old days” for the millionth time? Well, no, I don’t want to do either of those things. I’ve moved on, and I think it’s accurate to say everybody has. Instead, I’ve chosen to use Car Throttle’s last moments to advertise some garbage Discord servers! WOOOOO

Okay no but really, there’s a few servers on Discord that have their roots in CT, and I’d like for whoever’s still left to consider joining them. They aren’t anything special and one of them is totally dead and cringe and bad but hey, they’re here.

https://discord.gg/zKkDBYa7Kf - eBin - The “original” Car Throttle splinter server, created sometime in 2018. Unfortunately this one’s a bit uh… well, similar to Car Throttle’s current state. Nevertheless, I encourage y’all to join if you haven’t already. The people who are active are great folks.

https://discord.gg/8JheCB7gZN - shitbox fan club - Heyyy it’s my new server! This one’s pretty tiny, and its main purpose is gaming VCs and stuff like that. It’s just an overall good time if you ask me, lots of very cool and epic people there.

https://disboard.org/server/538401767495303189 - Normies - Uhhhh I’m not sure if they’re cool at all with me posting this here but I really don’t give a rip BUT this one’s pretty alright. Actually decently active, plus it’s not solely a car server. It used to be pretty trash like a year ago but fortunately that has since been fixed, and again, is just an overall good time.

There’s lots of other servers out there (like Initial Deodorant, but don’t join that, it’s awful and I hate it), but these are the three that I don’t really have to ask for permission to post. I really recommend joining them and giving them a shot. So uh… yeah, I guess that’s all there is. This is a bit of an anticlimactic end to my tenure here on Car Throttle, but what’re you gonna do, right?

I hope to see y’all again soon on Discord, but for now, this has been Olds. Peace out.