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Pay £4.5m For The Segway Inventor's Former House, And You Get Your Own Car Museum

The house of the late Segway inventor Jimi Heselden is on the market, and it has some unusual features

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Segway estate 2 If you're in the market for a house, there are lots of attributes you might be looking for. A driveway or garage, a certain number of bedrooms, or maybe even a swimming pool. This house, though, has a feature you're unlikely to find on any other property: a 13,000 square foot car museum. Segway estate Calling it a house might be stretching it too, it's actually an estate. More specifically, Flint Mill Estate in West Yorkshire. It's unclear if the museum includes any cars, as the advert merely states the inclusion of a 'spectacular 13,000 sq ft vintage car museum.' The property also has an indoor swimming pool, a simulated golf driving range, separate cottages for staff and guests, and a miniature railway. Segway estate 3 The story gets more interesting, too, as it's the former home of Segway inventor Jimi Heselden. He died in 2010 after a freak accident on the edge of the estate. In a cruelly ironic twist, the accident happened while aboard a Segway. Segway estate 4 The full advert can be found here. The property is currently up for £4,500,000.