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Parking This Close To A Train Line Was Never Going To End Well

A light truck in Ha Noi, Vietnam is seen having an unpleasant coming together with a passing train

Remind me later

Ladies and gentlemen, pray silence please for what is surely the worst piece of parking we’ve seen this year. Maybe ever. Yep, someone in Ha Noi, Vietnam thought it’d be a great idea to parking his light utility vehicle right next to a train line. And we mean right next to - it’s so close that the first train which comes along sideswipes the little truck, half destroying it in the process.

According to the person who shot the video, the driver of the truck “didn’t do anything when hearing the horn from the train,” although he did attempt to get in the vehicle while it was being pummelled, before realising how terrible an idea that was and running the other way.

Seen some rubbish parking backfire worse than this? Make sure you show us in the comments.

Video via Jalopnik