A bit of work on the wagon

So I have done some work on the wagon this weekend.
To start: I fixed the mirrors. The mirrors I bought this car with, they where all cracked. I had an unbroken mirror in the wrong colour in the shed, and that one went on for a little while. I also had some unpainted black ones. These however had relief on them. So I painted these with special primer and grinded everything smooth. Later the 199-silver paint went on and some clear-coat to top it off. Looks much better no?

second: I painted the centre console. I was not planning on doing so, but it had to be done to mask some serious damage. Again I used the special primer. This time I painted it with 916-silvergrey with hardener in the can.

A bit of work on the wagon - Toyota Corolla Forum

The lightbulbs in the foglights didn’t match the blue colorvision lights in my headlights, so I exchanged them with 6000K leds. Looks much better now.

And then, just for fun, I made the most redneck-mod to my exhaust.
The piping from backbox to end of the car is rather long. I was first planning on buying a modest tailpipe-cover in chrome. about as thick as the original tailpipe. But the pipe is just to long.
So now I used the Subaru Forrester tailpipe-piece I had laying around and I have made it longer with nothing other than a beer can.