So Rotterdam wanted to ban older cars... This is what happened

Rotterdam is one of the largest city’s of The Netherlands and with large city’s come great pollution. So, they decided to take matter into their hands and they came up with a rule to ban petrol cars older than July 1st 1992 and diesel cars older than January 1st 2001.

This means that all of the older, more fun, automobiles are prohibited from entering the city’s ‘environmental zone’ which is the center of the metropolis.

This, ofcourse, caused a major uproar of the car people in and around the port city. Rotterdammers, is what we’re called, decided to show our opinion and we went ahead and took the amazing cars that would be banned starting 1st of May 2016.

Also, this means for some of the inhabitants of Rotterdam to get rid of their car, be it via crushing it, or selling it. A right pain for all of us petrol heads

The way people felt about it is pretty much summed up in this little video from ‘Hart van Nederland’

Its in Dutch, but to summarize it, they all complain about the new rules.

First, we went and met up in a industrial zone outside the city’s limits.

At the meet-up the organization got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of vehicles that were present.

After this happening the cars took off on a little trip to the city hall of Rotterdam, Coolsingel, where they roared their engines and horns. I was standing at the MacDonalds Coolsingel and nearly turned deaf. Which I didn’t mind, it was for a good cause right?

When the majority of the cars reached the city hall they parked on the sidewalk and brought little toy cars and placed them on the front porch of the entrance of the hall.

The whole city was clogged up with classic cars, statement received.

After this the police shut the road down, and we all met up once more and then went home.

All in all some gorgeous cars showed up. Classic alfa’s, true drift icons (A bone stock 240z, Ill add a picture), The E30’s, the green E30 had swapped bmw V8 engine in there with sounds of heaven, and a crap tonne more beauties.

Thank you for reading!

If your government is going to ban older cars, make sure to let them know that it’s doable as long as it is within certain measurements. Your voice matters!


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