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ANOTHER 20-something wins an M2! Watch his reaction when he realises...

Like most twenty-somethings, Benjamin Yeo has always dreamed of owning a car more glamorous than the Toyota Yaris he currently gets about in. He entered BOTB’s Dream Car Competition last week for the BMW M2 (plus £10,000 in cash!) that was on sale for only £2.75.

The whole office got out to check out the new hard-to-get-your-bloody-hands-on M2 and celebrate the win with him. It seemed Ben was in shock though, so they did most the talking, with one person yelling out what he was thinking: “Are you f*ing serious?!?”

Want to win your dream car? Enter online at Not in the UK? No problem! We’ve had winners from all over the world.

On a side note: we had an M2 for a few hours and it’s all it’s hyped up to be.