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If Your Number Plate Ends In An Odd Number You Can't Drive In Paris Today

With pollution levels rising to dangerous levels, the French government has taken drastic measures to fix the problem

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Image via france24.com Image via france24.com
The French government has employed a unique and hilariously arbitrary tactic to fight high pollution levels in Paris. For a temporary period certain cars will be banned from entering the city. Cars with an even number at the end of their plates will be banned one day, with the restrictions switching to cars with odd numbers at the end of their number plates the following day. This measure will be in place until pollution levels drop to an acceptable level. This could take a while: safe levels of pollutant particles are considered to be below around 80 microgrammes per cubic metre; however levels of 180 were recorded in Paris on Saturday. To ease the burden on 'banned' drivers during this time, all public transport has been made free to use.