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Nascar Got Rid Of Pit Lane Speed Limits During A Qualifying Session And It Was Chaotic

Nascar's exhibition 'All-Stars' race saw the series ditch pit lane speed limits for qualifying and it made for some fairly spectacular moments

Remind me later

Pit lane speed limits have been a thing for decades, and for good reason. With people milling around and equipment everywhere it’s not exactly the ideal environment for cars to be gunning it, but Nascar decided to revive the practice (safely, of course) for a weekend.

The non-championship All-Stars race already has a unique qualifying format since drivers have to perform a pit stop at some point during their three-lap run. But this year the series implemented the added challenge of allowing drivers to go full chat into the pits (but only for qualifying) and it made for some serious misjudgements as drivers flew down off the banking at over 150mph.

It looks just as mad from onboard, too, as you can see from Kurt Busch’s helmet cam.