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Please respect our cars

Please respect our cars - Fails

One year ago, I was taking my car back from the garage, and got rear-ended on the way home… (And earlier this day, my MacBook Pro was stolen. Bad bad day.) I was in traffic, the driver (in a stupid C4 Aircross) didn’t even brake, hit a Clio which then rear-ended my car. The insurance covered it, but I had to let my car at the garage for three weeks with no replacement car.

Please respect our cars - Fails

And yesterday in the night, some drunk m**ker thought it was a great idea to climb on my car, and left two cigarette butts on the roof… The bonnet and the roof are slightly bent. I like drinking alcohol too, but I never mess with other people’s stuff.

I know this isn’t a pretty or an expensive car, but that’s the one I have, I try to keep it nice and clean since it’s 4 years old.
So please, people, please respect our cars just like we respect yours. (Though I’m sure you guys don’t need this reminder ;) )