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Mercedes CLS Ploughs Into Crash Barrier After Dramatic Police Chase

After an hour long police chase in Los Angeles, the driver of this stolen CLS ploughed straight into a crash barrier

Remind me later

The driver of this stolen Mercedes CLS led LAPD officers on an hour-long chase on Sunday night, starting in Exposition Park. After dodging in and out of traffic, the chase reached an abrupt and bizarre end when the driver - who was thought to be in possession of a firearm at the time - drifted across a freeway Santa Clarita and right into a barrier.

Chasing officers were on the scene in seconds, and the man gave himself up immediately. ABC7 reports that a gun was found in the glove compartment, but it began to the car’s owner.

On the plus side, the man looked to be uninjured when emerging from the wrecked vehicle. Score one for Mercedes CLS safety…