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How to Easily Remove Decal from Your Vehicle - Two Methods #oemtools

Video tutorial on the two different methods on how to remove decals from your vehicle’s paint. No specialty tools are required and these methods won’t damage your paint either. I’m using the tailgate from my Tacoma as an example, it is getting a couple spots touched up and the decals are in the way. I won’t be reinstalling these decals as I think it looks cleaner without them anyway. It’s always important to have a clean surface so we don’t risk damaging the paint, so make sure it’s washed before removing those decals. These methods can be used on all forms of decals such as signage, lettering, pin stripping, etc. And it can even be used on the polyurethane stone guard film.

Heat gun: https://www.mobiledistributorsupply.com/24498-oemtools-24498-dual-temp-heat-gun-oem

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