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1997 Škoda Octavia 1.6 GLX (55 kW)

Skoda - 1997 Škoda Octavia 1.6 GLX (55 kW) - Garage

Meet my first car: Škoda Octavia GLX.
It features 1.6 petrol engine with mighty 55 kW (75 HP). This car has very interesting air conditioning - well basicaly it doesn’t have one, but I do have electric windows all around and also a sunroof.
It was bought new in may 1997 - so it is two years older than me.
First owner was my father. When our family got another Škoda this one was left for me.

Maintenace (That I did):

  • new cabin heater,
  • new windsheld cover (plastic in front of the windsheld).


  • headunit Alpine iDA-X311RR
  • CD changer Alpine CHA-S634
  • voltmeter