15th Anniversary Supra??

15th Anniversary Supra?? - Japanese
15th Anniversary Supra?? - Japanese

Random question on something that’s bothered me for a while: does anyone here have any idea why the 1997 Supras were given the “15th Anniversary” title?

1997 would have marked 15 years since the debut of the A60 (mk2) in 1982, but that doesn’t make sense to me. The Celica Supra nameplate would have debuted in 1979—the first year the Celica XX was exported with its new intentional-market title: Celica Supra.

I’ve heard some people say, “Toyota didn’t include the mk1 because it was only a hopped-up Celica in the beginning.” But here’s the thing, that’s exactly what the mk2 was, as well. The Supra and Celica weren’t separate platforms until the 1986.5 debut of the mk3 Supra, which doesn’t align with the “15th anniversary” in 1997.

Any theories for Toyota’s logic on this one?