New Porsche Panamera widebody by SR66 Design

Polish tuner, SR66 Design hits again! This time with a completely new idea for the #Porsche #Panameta 970.2. A new wide body kit has been developed on top of a 2013 Porsche Panamera Turbo.

During the winter, a small workshop full of petrolheads came out with an idea to give the well-aging chassis of Panamera a complete makeover and embarrass the newer Panamera owners a bit. With that said, work has started.

What can be seen at a glance is a completely redesigned front of the car. The team’s main goal here was to maintain Porsche’s spirit while adding some aggressiveness and freshness at the same time. SR66 looked up to the track versions of Porsche GT cars and other limited goodies and wanted to take some of that racing-style fury to the road.

Besides the front, the team also took care of the car’s rear and added a very aggressive diffuser with a subtle tuned rear bumper followed by a nice ducktail. Since Porsche Panamera is a luxury sports car, SR66 also wanted to leave all the functionality in the car – what can be seen, there were incorporated into the design all of the original parking sensors, cameras, and radar. Even the original Turbo DRL’s were left, yet with redesigned holders to fit the new bumper air intakes. Nearly every part has been redesigned.

Widebody kit in it’s biggest package consists of the following: front bumper, front bumper lip, front fender flares, hood (bonnet), side skirt flares, side skirt splitters, rear fender flares, rear bumper, diffuser, trunk spoiler (ducktail).

The best part of SR66’s new Panamera program is cross-compatibility. Nearly all parts can be mixed up with OEM or other aftermarket parts from various producers. For details please leave comments below or ask through contact form on dedicated SR66’s Panamera page.

Thanks to the extended development process, SR66 did the body kit in both widebody & narrow versions. If somebody wishes to go hard, like on the pictures then one can get the whole package. If one doesn’t want to slice up his original fenders and quarters then he can choose a safer narrow version while maintaining all of the kit’s goodies except the fender flares.

All of the kits done by SR66 are made per order. MSRP for the widebody version is 6900EUR, while the narrow version costs 5500EUR. If you ask me it’s a pretty good price-to-parts ratio. Kit is available for purchase since 18th May 2020.


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